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LOVE is in the air!

Following up 2021’s EP The Journey Within, Andrew Jahn has just let loose a passionate single (and music video!) for “LOVE”. Laying his memorable vocals on top of a classic piano ballad has allowed for his best talents to shine right through in the mix. We do have to say that the video accompanying the single was quite necessary as well, we can’t wait for everyone to check out both!” - We Write About Music

We Write About Music

There’s so much music out there and many ways to take it in. With all of the music out there it’s always the music that is relatable that sticks with you the most. That music that you can play and hear everything you need to get you through or get by for another day. That type of music takes high skill to pull off but Andrew Jahn has all the skill anyone can need or ask for on his new song “LOVE” -Natalie Patrick, Honk Magazine.” - Natalie Patrick


Musically, “The Journey Within” pairs Andrew Jahn’s smooth Pop tenor with some expert piano performances. The songs are painted in the various shades of electronic Pop, dance and Adult Contemporary music. Jahn ironically sets some of the darkest songs to upbeat rhythms, as on the Latin-infused “In the Night” and the EDM beats of “Twisted.” Elsewhere he produces sweeping cinematic arrangements of ambient synths and strings set to emotional piano ballads. In all instances, he delivers powerful emotional performances. -Bob Smith, The Static Dive

The Journey Within

Andrew Jahn

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My name is Andrew Jahn. I am from Almonte, Ontario. 

I am a singer-songwriter, piano teacher, Developmental Service worker and owner of the Garden Guy. 

The mission of my artistry is to make beautiful music AND beautiful people through my artistry meets social responsibility business model. 

There are two facets to this project. 

Musically: I will be producing high quality moral content with the aim to express the goodness, beauty and love within each human. Not by ignoring the hatred, evil, and ugliness, but by integrating it into one musical narrative. I want to teach young people the value of being good by producing visual content that highlights the beauty of everyday, ordinary life. 

Socially: by contributing to, bringing awareness to, and supporting non-profit organizations that seek to help struggling youth thrive. In my opinion, The physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being of young people is suffering what I call a "struggle to thrive" in the 21st century. I want my music to be experienced as respite for people who need to be heard, healed and loved. 

I will do this by donating a percentage of concert revenue/online sales to specific non-profit organizations. 

This duality is the make up of "artistry meets social responsibility."    

This will be a slow process. But for now.. I am living my mission out practically as a Developmental Service Worker by sharing my music with my clients and close friends and family. 

Sign up to my monthly newsletter, or fill out a contact form if you are interested in supporting PROJECT BEAUTIFUL when the time comes.   

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