I use a unique person centered approach to musical education to help all of my students excel in music.  

The following approaches are available: 

Royal Conservatory Exam preparation levels 1-8.  


Ear centred approach: chording, playing by memory, improvising and focusing mainly on enjoyment of the instrument. 

Pre-schoolers will find lessons very useful as well. For pre-school children I focus mainly on rhythm, identifying musical patterns, and aural learning.

I also have a specialized prodigy program which I use for students with unique learning needs. Thus far I have worked with children who have autism spectrum, attention deficit hyperactive, oppositional defiant, and  other classified  disorders.  

I grew up dealing with Tourette's syndrome, so I have always made a special studio category for children struggling with conditions and confidence. Music was very constructive for me as a teen, and I want to make sure everyone has access to it. 

My education:

I studied advanced harmony, music history, counterpoint and analysis with the Royal Conservatory of Toronto. I have obtained a level 10 RCM certificate with the intent to pursue the ARCT diploma.

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